PLAN C - Released

2016-11-25 01:20:52 by LunaWolfStudios

Hello everyone!

We recently participated in the East Coast Reboot 2016 - 48 hour game jam where we took first place! The theme of the game jam was 'eggs' and so we thought a little outside (or maybe inside) the box and made a sperm swarm defense game! We thought the Newgrounds community might appreciate the clasic indie aesthetic so we made a few tweaks, added in some medals, and just released it the other day!

We call it 'Plan C' enjoy! 


Haberdashery Now Live on Mobile!!!

2015-10-22 12:17:37 by LunaWolfStudios

Thank you Newgrounds community for your tremendous support, and feedback throughout the development of Haberdashery. With your help we've made a beautiful game with tons of replayability, and endless laughs! Now you can enjoy Haberdashery on the go!

Download Now!!! For FREE!
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The Haberdashery Team

Haberdashery Hat & Visual Update

2015-07-09 02:44:34 by LunaWolfStudios

Hey everyone!

We just released a major update for our game Haberdashery. There are now 3 new hats. You can now be a super small Leprechaun or super fat like a hungry Chef! There's also a new Army Helmet! Along with the hats, we've went ahead and updated a lot of visuals and visual effects. We hope you enjoy it! :D

Cheers & Happy Dashing

-Luna Wolf Studios

p.s More medals coming soon!!!

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Updated Haberdashery! More Hats More Fun!

2015-06-11 11:30:36 by LunaWolfStudios

Haberdashery has hit over 10K views in less than 2 weeks! So we just wanted to say thank you for all the feedback. Seriously thanks! The Newgrounds community is awesome, and we're glad to be a part of it! So heres an updated Haberdashery with more medals, hats, and humor! You can now be an all knowing wizard, a drunk sheep, and an idiot with a bucket! Go go go dash your hearts out!!!

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Stay Classy,

The Haberdashery Team